Web Related Work - '95 - Present - Examples of Internet, Intranet and Extranet work for various clients. In '92 I consulted with IHS/Continuum (now Corbis) defining and designing interfaces for a number of prototypes for product development for potential delivery over the Internet.

No Ozone - The Movie - March '02 - with The Holmes Organization, Laguna Beach, CA - Wrote, designed and produced this 5 minute movie about Ozone and the benefits of No Ozone. I used Photoshop to create the visuals and Premiere to create the movie that was converted to DVD for play back in trade show environments. It was also used on the web in Quicktime and Real Media Player.

Candle Corporation - May '00 - with Now & Zen Productions, Manhattan Beach, CA - Design and production of PowerPoint for the National Sales Meeting in Pebble Beach, CA. I was also on-site for changes/additions and as show operator.

PPI Opening - June '99 - with me2media, CA - Co-designed and programmed a 2 minute opening module for a CD-ROM for PPI. The CD was about PPI's involvement in automobile racing. MM Director.


Frank Russell Company - Oct '95 - with RF Russell Co., Seattle, WA - Design and programming of an interactive laptop presentation to be used on a one-to-one basis to present an overview of the company to new and prospective clients. CD-ROM version is cross-platform. Photoshop and MM Director.

Interactive Economics - Oct '95 - with RF Russell Co., Seattle, WA - Prototyping look and feel, navigation for an interactive economics course to supplement a text book and classroom activities for a major NY publishing company. Photoshop.

Halbert, Hargrove/Russell - Nov '95 - with RF Russell Co., Seattle, WA - An interactive laptop based presentation to support a presentation given to individuals and 401k investors. The presentation was designed to work in conjunction with a printed piece that is a follow up and investment strategies guide. Photoshop and MM Director

Material World CD-ROM - Dec '94 - with Watts-Silverstein, Inc., Seattle, WA. - Presentation programmer/editor for 61 (Slideshow/Quicktime style) modules. 30 different countries represented by a country and a family module relating to their material possessions. Each of the modules ranged from 30-90 seconds. The CD-ROM also includes interactive areas about the Families, Countries, the Lifestyles, and a Questionnaire and statistics. MM Director


Nike - June '94 thru Present with Sound Images, Portland, OR - "Semi-annual Sales Meetings" - Programmed opening and closing motivational high paced action presentations and speaker support. Shows range from 15 to 160 slide projectors. Some shows were coordinated with video footage. AVL and Dataton Watchout and Trax; June 98 - Created two computerized digital slide shows for video projection using MM Director. Synchronized images, graphics and sound. One on Latin America and another was a tribute to a Rep that was retiring.

American Spirit Home - Feb '92 with Avcon, Inc., Seattle, WA Director/Editor - A video which was used in the waiting line of an exhibit at the Seville, Spain Expo '92 Worlds Fair. The show was designed to promote wood frame construction and the export of US forest products to other countries. I coordinated all post production, edited the video and researched and produced the last two segments.

Hutchinson Cancer Research Center - Aug'90 with Avcon, Inc., Seattle, WA - Produced/Edited - A capital campaign video that focused on the clinical side of what the Hutch is and does. I produced and coordinated the project, edited all and directed some video and interfaced with the client to bring the project to a smooth and successful completion.

Kenworth Trucks - February '88 with Watts-Silverstein, Seattle, WA - "Alabama" - CO-designed and programmed the 15 projector single screen production. The show was shot in 35mm motion picture film (duped to slides) and designed with other slides shot at the same time as the film, to create a fast paced show about the group Alabama using Kenworth trucks to move their 88 concert tour.

Kennedy Space Center , NASA, FL - March '88 with David Kallaher, Inc., Ohio - East Wing Project - Satellites and You - A simulated Space Station walk-through exhibit consisting of nine areas. Each area incorporates the use of audio and video information focusing on the Satellites and how they benefit us in our daily lives. I produced and directed the production of the soundtrack for the entire exhibit.

Six Flags Amusement Parks - May '83 with R & R Entertainment, California - "Spirit of the Olympics" - CO-designed, co-directed and programmed an Olympic show that dealt with the history, pageantry, events, agony, ecstasy, and ideals, that make up the Olympics. The show was produced using 27 slide projectors and 3-16mm Raven controlled film projectors, controlled by two computers. The production incorporated slides, film and video. (1980 did a similar show called The Great Rock & Roll Time Machine)

Oct. '89 through May '92 - I worked with Avcon, Inc., a full service multi-media production company based in Seattle, WA. My primary position was as a Designer/Producer in charge of multi-image production and overseeing many video productions. Major accounts I worked on: American Plywood Association, Boeing, Holland America Lines, Hutchinson Cancer Center, Nordstrom, Nintendo, Singapore Flight Museum and Expo '92 in Seville, Spain. My duties at Avcon ranged from script and design development and client interface to final editing and staging of the final presentations.

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