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NO OZONE - The Movie

March 2002 with The Holmes Organization, CA.

NO OZONE is a vaporizer that eliminates harmful indoor Ozone. NO OZONE was introduced to the US market in March 2002 by Atmospheric Solutions, Greenwich, CT.

The movie was originally designed for use in the kick off trade show booth for the launch of the product to the US. It was so well received that they decided to use it for presentations for retailers and in stores as an introduction to Ground Level Ozone and the NO OZONE products. It was being used in DVD, CD-ROM, VHS, in PowerPoint presentations. The No-Ozone website is currently not online.

Below is a number of still from the movie. You can click here to see the entire 5 minute Quicktime Movie. I designed and produced the movie using Adobe Premiere. Need Quicktime?

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