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Stock Photography

Photo size examples below

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For use on Web (images are 72dpi, optimized for the web)
Kind   File size   Size - Pixels   Size - Inches  

Small   112 kb   200 x 133      

Medium   192 kb   420 x 280      

Large   436 kb   750 x 500      

For use in Print (images are 240 dpi, optimized for print)
Small   436 kb   750 x 500   3 x 2  

Medium   1.4 mb   1700 x 1133   7 x 5  

Large   3.2 mb   2700 x 1800   11.25 x 7.5  

x_Large   6 mb   3888 x 2592   16 x 11  

x_Large - tiff   28.9 mb   3888 x 2592   16 x 11  

Web examples sizing

200 x 133

420 x 280

750 x 500

Larger images are too large to show on a website.

*EULA - End Users Licensing Agreement for above pricing
All images are the sole property of and sole copyright of Gar Benedick (herein referred to as Photographer). Limited use rights are granted to purchaser (herein referred to as Client) for the use of said image(s) for a period of 3 years. Photographer retains the original copyright to all images and grants the Client a limited license for the sole use of marketing and self promotion of the Client (be it a single person or single company). Marketing and self promotion may include use on the internet, email, in printed brochures and other printed marketing materials to Clients specific audience , clientele or potential clientele and in-house publication. Use rights may not be transferred or shared. Image(s) may not be included as data files on any digital or analog media for distribution including the internet. Client may not distribute any image(s) in any manor that is not part of a marketing or self promotion campaign. As part of a marketing or self promotion campaign means that the image(s) is only a part of the promotion and not the subject of the promotion. i.e. The Client may not print copies of any image(s) and sell or a give away or distribute in any manner. In no instance, should any image(s) be presented in a way that would construe sole ownership by the Client.

Self-promotion refers to uses that directly promote the Client and the Clients business. All other rights including the use of images in national advertising campaigns regardless of media or method of distribution or media of any kind, are reserved to the Photographer and may only be used with the written permission and proper credit to the Photographer. Any other use not specifically defined herein must be negotiated with the permission of the Photographer. Third party usage of the images is strictly prohibited without the written permission of the Photographer. When any image is used in any printed material where the image is 1/2 the page size or larger, the Client must include a credit line on or next to the image with a copyright and the year when publishing any of the photographs in any manner. Ex.: Photograph by Gar Benedick © 2009

If you need more rights for other purposes, please contact Photographer to arrange for extended rights.

Delivery: Medium and smaller images will be emailed to Client. Larger images will be available for download with security code.

Questions??? - email or Call 949-422-3656.

Thank you!
Gar Benedick       949-422-3656       Copyright © 1996-2013 Gar Benedick All Rights Reserved
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